Our team

Ondřej P.

Ondra is a leader of the company. You can meet him personally and hear all the options. He will try to match your expectations and dreams. He is moderating the event on the spot from the initial greeting to awarding winners.


ka will design and customize the event for you. You will admire (and curse) her ingeniousness while searching for cloaked treasures perfectly hidden in the nature.


Eliška is an archery instructor. She will teach you how to aim and hit your target every time. She is also a passionate photographer - her photos will make memories from the event last forever.

Ondřej H.

Ondra is the support guy during the event - he will explain you how to handle GPS devices and will be generally helpful :)

Gps game

Preparation and organizing of a teambuilding game based on world-known geocaching.


Organizing of an archery tournament under the supervision of a skilled instructor.

More activities

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