Gps game

Geocaching is a modern outdoor game, which brings a lot of fun and thrill while using modern technologies. This unique game is all about sport in nature around the hotel, learning about orientation with GPS devices, fun and team-building activities (building team strategies, finding your position in the team etc.).


  • Da Vinci’s Secret
  • Searching for Lost Signal
  • The Secret of Rudolf’s Mine
  • Fighting Windmills
  • and more custom-made programs
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Every team receives

  • GPS Garmin Oregon with TopoCzech maps, batteries
  • Map of given area with location of treasures
  • Rules
  • Headlamps (in case of a night game)

We provide even more

  • party tent - start and finish
  • moderation of the whole event - own microphone and speakers
  • closing of the contest 15 minutes after the game ends
  • awarding prizes such as diplomas and medals
  • snacks, souvenirs, photography


Archery is an interesting quick activity. It can act as additional program to all outdoor activities, but you can order it stand-alone too. We will build a small archery range for you, lend you bow and arrows and teach you how to control it. Then we will organize a shooting tournament. Archery can happen in any open place with a size of a small field.

More activities

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